I have a question about how licensing the Tree for Zenworks actually

During the installation we can click on the "Schema Extention and Product
Licensing" we can extend the schema and it ask for a license code. If no
code is entered is installs as an eval copy for 90 days.

Our organization large and we have a license that covers all of our
workstations in our production tree. The senior engineers have rights at
the Root of the Tree to extend the schema and the remote site
administrators do not have these rights.

What we wanted to do was extend the schema once and enter the license
code and that step will not have to be done by the remote administratorsw.

If the remote administrators run the install and select "Desktop
management Services", after a few screens it will ask them to enter the
license code.

My question is....

If the schema has already been extended and we have entered the license
code for them in advance, do they have to enter the license code each
time they do an install? If they did not enter a license code, would it
revert the Tree code from the licensed version to the eval version?

This does not make sense to me, please advise.