We are assisting a client who is upgrading various parts of their network
in a production environment. At this time they have two 5.1 servers (c1 &
c2) and we have recently upgraded the DS to eDir873 and inserted a new
OES65 as c3. The client has a fully configured and operational (with one
issue, please see below) ZfD32 on c1.

They would like to get the updated ZfD7 up on the new server to replace the
3.2 version. I cannot find information on the best way to do this; given
this will be installed on the new server but would like to use the existing
configuration it is almost like doing an across the wire upgrade rather
than an in-place...

As one can tell, my experience with Zen is limited at best, and none of the
original installers are with the client anymore. What is the best way to do
this while continuing to allow the functioning of the system on a daily
basis? This is a school district so Zen is used to keep all the labs, etc
in line and cannot be down any length of time until later this year.

Finally, and somewhat related, any client using either ConsoleOne or
NWadm32 is getting the policies in the tree with the question mark icon and
are unable to make any changes to these policies. We've tried using the
consoleone on both the servers (c1 & c2) as well as the nwadm32 without
luck. The original admin's station does not show these as policies either,
but also as unknown objects. Obviously the snap-in for zen must not be
operating properly, but I can see a zen subdirectory on c1's management
directories. How do I re-establish these snapins within the
nwadm32/consoleone so we can properly manage these policies?

Thanks in advance!