The Zenworks 7 for Desktops management documentation states that you
should use ZFD7 snap-ins to administer a tree that has ZFD7 installed.
It also states that you should use zfd4 snap-ins to administer zenworks 4

Since the schema is updated to zen 7 aren't all of the objects zen7 after
an upgrade? What constitutes whether an object is 4x vice 7x?

Also the documentation states that if you use zfd7 snap-ins to administer
a 4x object, that you will be prompted for a license code even though you
enetered one when you upgraded the schema. It also says that you cannot
administer the object pages.

In my lab, I upgraded ZFD4 to 7 and was never prompted for a license?
The objects opened up just fine? Am I missing soemthing here?

What is the scenario that this would occur?


When upgrading a large organization whow will be running mixed ZDF4B and
ZFD7 versions how should it be managed via ConsoleOne?

1. All admins system wide using ConsoleOne 1.3.6 with ZFD7 snap-ins
2. Sites that have upgraded to ZFD7 use the ZFS7 snap-ins while those
who haven't use the ZFD4 snap-ins.

Please help me understand this.