Currently running ZFD 4.01 IR6 in a Windows Only environment with Middle
Tier servers. Running Windows 2003 Server Active Directory Domain in
native 2003 mode. ZFD is installed on W2ksp4 servers. I want to upgrade
to ZFD 7.0 and also want to upgrade the windows servers to W2k3 server.
Will all the ZFD 7.0 components run on a W2k3 Server? What is the best
procedure to move edirectory servers and ZFD 4.01 server running on W2k
server to W2k3 server?

I haven't read it in the documentation but I thought I read somewhere on
the forums that you can install ZFD 7.0 in an AD domain without the
requirement of having Edirectory installed. Can you confirm this?