For years we have used a competing product to wake up sleeping computers. I am in the process of testing out ZenWorks to replace our current solution and have run into a problem with how wake on LAN works in Zen. In my environment (and lots of other people also from what I hear), the ability to send broadcast packets is restricted because of security issues. We currently use an alternate method called "Targeted Wake On LAN". This method sends a WOL packet to the IP address of the computer that is asleep. In order to work, this method requires the router to still have the sleeping PC in it's ARP table. Once the sleeping PC is purged from the ARP table, you can no longer wake the PC up. In our environment, we extend the ARP table timeout to 3 days, giving us 3 days after turning off the PC to do the wake up.

My question: Does the ZenWorks WOL service only support the broadcast packet method of wake up? Or is there some configuration option to tell the WOL service to send the wake up packet to the computer's address instead of the subnet's broadcast address?

FYI, this free WOL utility supports both broadcast and targeted WOL (you pick the destination address as either the broadcast address or the PC's address):