Hi all,

Environment Netware 6.5 latest service pack. Workstations are W2k SP4

We are going to be upgrading from Zen 3.0 to 7 soon.

I know this is not a support upgrade path, however, we currently only use
Zen 3.0 to manage about a dozen apps (no policies, no remote control, no
inventory..). What we want to do is install Zen 7 on a new server (we're
not going to touch the one with Zen3).

By doing it this way and not touching the workstations (yet), the only
diference to the users is that the schema will be extended. The apps should
still work...right? After this, we'll start deploying the new Zen agents on
the workstions and the apps should still work.

I've done this for a Zen 3.2 to 6.5 upgrade and it went very well...but this
is a supported upgrade path....the one described above is not supported.

Anyone care to comment?