I've managed to install and get running ZFD 7, on a VM NetWare 6.5 box.

I even managed to prepare a few images.

However, a colleague of mine was doing some housekeeping recently and
decided he would "tidy" my Zen volume, unfortunately I hadn't told him
it was now a live volume rather than a test one.

I've re-added the volume and re-installed ZFD 7. While everything else
appears to be working, I can't get a PXE network boot to work. Pressing
crtl + alt at the appropriate time gets me the error message "PXE E53 -
No bootfile name received".

I've checked the entry for the pdhcp server IP address in "pdhcp.ini"
and it's correct. I've also checked that option 60 is not running - got
a a seprate DHCP server running, it's also correct.

Has anyone got any ideas what could be going wrong?

I'd really appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks and regards,