I was looking around but I could not find anything giving me an idea how to
install ZenWorks on a WAN of 8 domains. I have eDirectory in place (domain
A) syncing with 2 of them (A $ B). (i did not see any purpose in syncing
other domains before I get these two working). I want to preserve bandwidth
and therefore have server that handles installation packages and images in
each domain. When I tried to install Management server on server in domain
B, I was able to install only Desktop Management Services. There were no
other options to select (no Inventory Proxy Server, Imaging Server,
Workstation Import/Removal Server ...). Does the server (on which I want to
install imaging server and so on) need to be in eDirectory first. If so how
do I get it in there? Do I need midtire server in each domain?

I was looking all over the documentation but could not find anything about
"secondary server" installation. All there is, is related to installing
ZenWorks in one domain. I bought a book which is totally worthless because
it is just online documentation in paper format (could have printed that

BTW: Eventually, I plan to migrate all 8 domains into one, but first I need
to get this jungle under control and I want to use ZenWorks in the process