Working on a test installation of OES Linux using fresh SP2 install.
All features installed and apparently working. Installed Zen 7 (all
except inventory components). After install,
http://servername/oneNet/nsadmin allows edir login, but comes up
blank. Also, servername/oneNet/NetStorage no longer works -- login is
requested, but the netstorage screen stalls at about 25% progress and
the right pane remains empty. I can't say for certain, but I think
this worked prior to the zenworks install. Not certain about nsadmin
-- didn't try that before.

Middle-tier services, however, appear to be working, as I can connect
to that server. NAL seems to work, but. App Explorer, does not show
any apps.

Is the App Browser plugin available on a Zen 7 middle tier install on
OES Linux? Can't find myapp.html to do the installation.

An earlier post from 4/20 alluded to the possibility that netstorage
and zen7 middle-tier can't be installed on the same machine -- that
Zen breaks netstorage. That did not refer to Linux, however. Does Zen
middle tier break nsadmin as well as netstorage itself?