We just upgraded from ZFD 3.2 to ZFD 7.0. I have many of the Zen 7 items
working except for one major thing. When my users launch applications from
the NAL menu the applications come up behind the NAL menu. In looking on
the Novell Documentation I found the setting for Zenworks, Launcher
Configuration, Bring all popup windows to the front-Yes. Here is what I
found. “Bring all popup windows to the front: Specify whether or not you
want Application Launcher to ensure that a launched application appears in
front of any other currently-opened desktop windows. The setting values are
Yes, No, and Unset. The default value (Yes) is used if you select Unset and
no parent container includes a customized setting.
This setting has no affect on Windows 98 workstations because the default
system configuration already forces pop-up windows to the front. However,
the default system setting for Windows 2000 and Windows XP causes all
pop-up windows to appear behind the current application’s active window.
With Application Launcher, this causes the launched application to appear
behind the Application Launcher window.”
I also checked the box “Use as top of configuration tree”
I made the change however; this did not seem to change the settings for my
users. The applications still come up in the background.

What are some other things I can try?

Thanks, Jack