I have a problem some of you might be able to help me with.
I have a clean windows 2003 server inviroment with 40 workstations, and I
wish to implement ZENworks 7 for desktops.
I have installed NW Client, eDir, ZENworks and the middle tier server on a
w2k3 member server in my AD.
I only wish to use ZENworks for imaging so I need the workstation objects
in the eDir tree. I do not wish to have any users in my eDir tree, except
a proxy user.
I do not wish double login to the middle tier server.

My problem is that when I install the ZfDagent it comes up with a separate
login to the middletier server. If I then cancel the login the
workstations objects still gets created.
Is there anyway I can avoid the double login? Without creating all the