Hello all: I really do not know what is causing this issue,
but since it comes up after re-imaging workstations I will
start here.

Our workstations run WXP sp2 with NWClient 4.91 sp2 and the
ZfD7 client. I configure our workstation images using MS
sysprep and use a series of post-image scripts to install
the NW and ZfD clients (NICI issue).

The above works very well about 90% of time. On occasion a
workstation will generate missing entry point errors when
loading zennw32.dll during user login. I have traced the
problem to an ACL issue with file
C:\Windows\system32\msvcr71.dll. For some reason, and what
appears to be random, the ACLs for group "Users" gets
dropped. I can manually reset the ACL with "cacls
msvcr71.dll /T /E /C /G "Users":C", but this gets time
consuming and means I have to touch each workstation.

I guess my questions are:

Has anyone else seen this same issue?
How did you deal with it?
Can I use ZfD to automatically reset or apply ACLs to

Thanks much, Chris.