We want our users to be getting mandatory profile from the network when
logging in on desktops and a default local profile when logging in on
notebooks ( Zenworks 7 and XP Pro SP2 ).

I found a couple of ways to disable DLU on notebooks ( either through DLU
restrictions in user policy package or by adding DLUAllow registry entry on
the notebook ) but can not seem to find a good way to do the same for
Windows Desktop Preferences in our user policy package.

We have Autoadminlogon set up for a local user on notebooks and use DLU on
desktops. First we were hoping to get it to work on notebooks *without*
initial Novell login, so users would have to login to the network manually
later - this way user profile would not get dowloaded from the network. But
we seem to be having issues with login scripts doing it this way ( found
some TID's describing that ), possibly because of Autoadminlogon and using
wireless to connect. I generally would be better if our users were presented
a Novell client login prompt when Windows starts anyway.

Then we have switched to using initial Novell login, disabled DLU ( login
scripts work Ok, workstation group policy applies etc. ) BUT user profile
keeps coming down from the network. I tried setting up slow link detection
and even enabling 'only allow local user profiles' in GP but these settings
do not seem to take any effect whatsoever. This GP is located on C: but is
applied through the workstation policy package to the w/s object, and
generally works fine ( all restrictions are in place when user is logged
in ).

Then I thought I could break profiles on notebooks simply by taking away
user rights from the network location and granting them via workstation
objects instead - so desktops would have rights to the profile but notebooks
would not. Turns out it does not work on desktops either this way if users
do not have rights assigned to the profile.

Soo .. any ideas how I can get a different behaviour for user profile on
some workstations ( notebooks ) but not on others ?