Dear all,

I have a problem authenticating users transparently to multiple Middle Tier
Servers, here's the case:

Installed Environment
Server Side
1- OES/Linux SP2
2- ZENworks v7 on the same server
3- OES Server configured as PDC server

Client Side
Administrative WS: Novell Client + ZENworks Agent + iPrint Client
Users Workstation: ONLY ZENworks Agent + iPrint Client

Problem Definition

Company's Users are travel users that travel from location to another, each
location has a OES Server and ZENworks installed on the same server with
all Backend Services configured and running, we need to make the
authentication progress transparent for the users without selecting the
middle tier server in the location

So, I need to each user whatever the location or site he is at authenticate
to oes and ZENworks server without selecting Middle Tier Server Name or
Address in the ZENworks Agent Login Dialog.

Thanks in advance,