I was wondering if anyone else has run into this before. I am installing
ZENworks 7 from scratch on a pair of SLES 9 servers(Dell poweredge 1850s).
Basically after you do the initial install of Desktop management, everything
is ok, apache2 runs, everything is good. Then you install the middletier
and apache2 will not start. It gives this error message:

Syntax error on line 2 of /etc/opt/novell/httpd/conf.d/xsrv.conf:
Cannot load /opt/novell/xtier/lib/mod_xsrv.so into
server: /opt/novell/xtier/lib/mod_xsrv.so: cannot open shared object
file: No such file or directory

The file exists however. So I am not sure where to go. I have tried many
things, reinstalling all the different components, restarting from scratch,
installing apache2.2.2 I have managed to repeat this error over three
installs, so if I am doing something stupid at least I am consistant. I am
sure it is something simple.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Jeff