I've Installed and configured the database twice but still receive the error
"Before launching Inventory, select the database(Tools -> ZENworks
Inventory -> Configure DB)" message when clicking "More Workstation

I looked it up in knowledgebase and the only article I could find said to
set the db to use the ip instead of the server name - this isn't working.

If I right click on the database object directy I can run the report. But
can't do it from a workstation object. I also noticed that the Tools menu
at the top of console one 1.3.6e never lets me choose "Zenworks Inventory"
as an option.

The inventory used to be configured on another server but I had deleted the
inventory db and service objects/files before installing Zen 7. Could it
be the workstation object is still associated to the other DB somehow? Or
is something wrong with my console one?