Hello NG

We installed the following product on a pure windows 2003 server

On the server:
Zenworks 7 with Novell Client 4.91 Sp2
Zenworks for Desktop 7
Middletier Server

On the Client
Zenworks Agent
NO Novell Client is installed

Now the problem:

We configured the Middletier Server and the authentication of the user is
working well. Now we have the problem, that no workstation objects are
created in the NDS. We checked the import policies and all other policies
and these policies are configured correctly. Zenwsimport and DNS are also
set correctly

We tried to register the workstation manually with the following Syntax

zwsreg32.exe -importserver servername -importws workstation.company

We get the following error message: Zenwsreg returned the following Error
code: 500

Why this? It should be possible to register workstations on a pure windows
enwironment without novell client. Where could be here the problem?

Thanks in advance for your help

With regards

Konrad Dambeck