Trying to push out Zen 7 workstation agent on xp sp2 computers. I am
using agent 4.01 currently. This is what I am trying at the moment in a
container login script.

regread "HKLM,SOFTWARE\Novell\ZENworks\ZfD\Agent\Workstati on
write "%99"
IF "%99" <> "" THEN
#msiexec.exe /i \\server\ path\ZfDAgent.msi /qn NAL_SINGLE_TREE=1

This script works. It does do a auto reboot after install but this is not
a problem for a one off update of each PC. The problem is on the first
login after the reboot. The dlu is created but the group policies do not
take effect. After the first user logs out the problem corrects itself
and the next user is created correctly. We have zen 6.5 on the server
(upgrading to 7 soon, im just trying to get some ground work done first.)

The problem is we are in a school situation and this flaw will be taken
advantage of.

Is there a fix or a better way of doing this?