I've implemented ZEN 7 on both NetWare and SUSE Linux backends, but now I'm
talking with a customer that is (against their will) being forced to migrate
to an "all Windows" backend - politics are dictating that they must retire
their NetWare servers within the next 6 months. Having said that:

Their tech team is ALL ZENworks - they're currently running ZENfD 4.01, but
have purchased the ZEN 7 upgrade, and are trying to determine if they can
continue to use ZEN 7 while migrating all of their servers to Windows 2003.
Again, ZEN 7 obviously supports Linux and NetWare on the backend, but the
ZEN product page implies that you can also run ZEN services on a purely
Windows backend - this is the information I'm looking for.

I've never seen this in action - can you implement ZENworks backend services
on a Windows 2003 server running eDirectory? If so, could someone please
direct me to the proper documentation?

Thanks, folks.