I have a few questions concerning a ZEN for desktops upgrade from 4.01 IR6 to 7.

1 - Our root server can be upgraded to V7 and still be able to communicate with the leaf servers (running V4.01), right?
2 - Do I need to update the ZEN Agent on the desktops of those workstationsthat attach to the root server so that the policies still work? Currently, these workstations are running version of the ZEN agent.
3a - In our remote locations, we have ZfD 4.01 running on server2. We want to upgrade to ZfD v7, but we want v7 running on server1. Is there anything special I need to do, or should I just remove ZfD 4.01 on server2 and do a fresh install on server1?
3b - What about server policies, databases, etc.. (in the remote sites)? Will I need to recreate those policies/objects in eDir?
4 - Our servers are running NW6.05. Do I need to upgrade those to NW6.5 before I upgrade to ZfD v7?

thanks in advance for your help, advice, suggestions.


Frank E. Friedman
Ohio Industrial Commission