We have only one ZEN server providing NAL application delivery, force
run delivery of McAfee SuperDATs and some very sketchy policy management
for all our XP desktops. We do not use any Inventory elements or server
management with ZEN so I consider our installation very simplistic.

I need to plan a migration to ZEN 7, my feelings are that I want to
leave ZEN3.2 alone and install ZEN7 on a new server in the same tree,
not performing any upgrade. Is this feasible? Best way to manage the
application/AOT/AXT/MSI migration to new server and ZEN7? Or, am I going
to have to re-create my ZEN apps from scratch?

All my desktop clients run the 4.83sp1 Novell Client currently - will
there be implications for client connectivity to new ZEN server? Could I
ACU the new client one day, 'switch off' ZEN32 and next day 'switch on'
ZEN7? It would be nice to do away with the full Novell Client...

Any help or guidance will be gratefully received.