I have finally got things to start installing! It seems the Novell client
nwfs.sys has issues with the virtual scsi drivers installed by Daemon
tools! Now however I am stuck again. I have all the prereqs installed, and
the basic Desktop Management Server installed. Now I am attempting to
isntall the Middle Tier Software on the SAME server as the Desktop
Management server. I have tried to do this from both the server itself and
a workstation. The install hangs with a white splash screen with the word
Novell on it and a progress bar at the bottom with about 3 or 4 chunks left
to go to the end. Then it just sits there and I have to kill it through
task manager to get it to close. I am installing in a Windows Active
Dierectory environment, and this is a fresh install; the server was just
reformatted before beginning installation. Any ideas what might be wrong
with this now?