We are about to upgrade from Zen 3.2 to 7. Part of the process involves ensuring the clients launch NAL with a /NOUPDATE switch. (The NOUPDATE switch must be used to ensure that Zen 7 agents are not accidentally back-rev'ed during the upgrade process.) We currently have deployed the script-based method to launch the 3.2 NAL, but still have many desktops that either launch with a batch file or through the Startup group. (Too many to visit on a timely basis)

I want to know if subsequent launches of NAL.exe WITHOUT the /NOUPDATE switch override the settings of the original one launched in the script. If launching NAL from Startup without switches doesn't override the one in the login script, I won't need to worry about hitting each of these machines before we begin deploying the Zen 7 Agent.

Does anyone know if NAL refuses to launch again if it already is detected in memory?