Running ConsoleOne 1.3.6e from my workstation with ZfD7 snapins installed.
When getting properties of any ZfD object I get a licensing screen telling
me to license NIM 2.0. I went to the site listed
( and entered my zfd7 license code. It gave
me a NIM2.0 'credential' code that was like 1000 characters long. I tried
entering that in the C1 license screen but it didn't work.

If I click 'Continue' many times on the license popup screen in C1, the
properties of the ZfD7 object eventually comes up. But its empty. My
Workstation Package object, for example has only the 'NDS Rights', 'Other',
'Rights to Files and Folders' Tabs. About Snapins does show that the ZDM7.0
Snapin is installed. I have installed C136e clean and just the ZfD Snapins
over it to be sure and it does the same thing.

Running Consoleone from the Zenworks Server (Startx GUI) gives a slightly
different experience. The objects are still 'empty' but there is no license
popup and there are some extra objects in my ZfD container - specifically
ones with the word 'General' after them such as 'Workstation Package :
General : Workstation Imaging Policy'. I have never seen those before.

My real problem is that I have workstations with the Zen Image Linux
Partition and I believe this new 'General' object is causing problems as
these computers automatically go into Zen Imaging or go into a reboot loop
since I've upgraded. But since I can't view the properies properly, I can't
modify these objects.

Its only the 'package' objects that come up empty, the actual workstation
groups and objects show their proper tabs when I choose properties for

Please help! Thanks!