I read a recent question on this forum regarding ZFD v4 and v7 coexisting
together and I am facing a similar situation and wanted to enquire whether
the proposed solution is valid.

Situation - Current implementation of ZFD 4 on back end servers and v4
agents on workstations. - Soon to be implementing a Windows 2003 Citrix
Server farm.

It is understood that ZFD4 is not supported on Windows 2003.

Proposed solution 1
Use the ZFD v7 Agent on the 2003 servers and continue to manage them with
the v4 back end

Proposed Solution 2
Upgrade the back end to ZFD v7 and obviously use the ZFD v7 agent on the
2003 boxes - But maintain compatibility with the several hundred v4 agents
on the workstations (i.e. manage them with the v7 back end).

The important thing here is whether either of the above solutions will be
supported by Novell (this is key! - doesnt matter if it will "Kind of

If neither of the above is feasible then a new tree will need to be
implemented which is a fair bit of extra work and would refer to be
avoided if at all possible.

Thanks in advance

Paul Adam
First eBusiness