I was looking at the price list for the ZenWorks Suite (version 7) and
Iím a little confused as to how the licensing works. The list shows
licenses as being sold per user/device. Does this mean that each NDS
user, each NetWare Server, and each Workstation require a license? This
seems like it could lead to astronomical costs for a relatively small
network--unless Iím reading into this too much.

Separately, are all the services from ZenWorks Suite v7 capable of
running on NetWare 6.5? I ask this because much to my surprise, a
component of ZenWorks that came bundled with Small Business Suite 6.5 was
not compatible with NetWare 6.5 -- despite the fact that the operating
system and ZenWorks were sold together in one package. Puzzling.

If someone can clarify, I would appreciate it. Thank you,