I have asked same question as continuation of a thread earlier. Since I
have n't got any response, I am trying to post again.

We are netware shop. We purchased Zenworks 7 recently. But meanwhile the
politics dictates us to migrate file service to windows platform. (But it
will take some time about 9 to 12 months). Menwhile I am implementing
Zenworks 7.

I have installed Zenworks servers (all windows) on a Separate tree
called ZenMAster. I am using IDM 2 to synchronise Corporate tree with
ZenMAster tree. I am not planning to use Middle tier server yet. As we may
not move to windows environment immediately.

I have novell clients on PC's already. Of course I will install Desktop
management agent also. I want Desktops to logon to Zenworks tree first and
then to Corporate tree automatically. (without filling out credential
again). How Can I do this ? Any idea is welcome.

Even though documentation says, it is possible. nothing is expalined how
to do it. All suggestions are welcome.