Hi everyone,

I have bought a new server for Zenworks v7 SP1. I am currently running
Zenworks 4.01 IR7.

What is the best way to upgrade? Stop services on the v4.01 IR7 server
and install v7 SP1 to the new server? I only want to operate V7 and will
take the V4.01 IR7 out of the tree and then reinstall as a new NW6.5
server for exteNd.

I also read within the documentation that V7 is not compatible with v4.01
APPS and I need to recreate them again. Is this just the actual objects
within console one or does it mean all the snapshots etc...

Also in the documentation it mentioned about terminal server
applications, is this the normal applications within NAL? or something

Thank you for any help you can give.