I ran into a gib problem, maybe Zen isn't compatible with Citrix?
I tested it with zen 7 and a citrix Presentation server 4 farm and also
against a Citrx Metaframe XP Farm.

To reply the problem:

-create an application object, mak a webapp, that is starting any website
(e.g. http://www.novell.com)
-better creat a second app object that is doing some file copy operations
(from anywhere to elsewhere)

-set both app objects to be force run on user
-put c:<path to program files>\zenworks\naldesk.exe into the users login

-make a citrix distributed desktop, let it pointing to one server, so that
every time you start this citrix desktop you will get onto the same citrix

-Now use one pc and open up a citrix session to this distributed desktop
when logging in, naldesk will start and a bit later you will see both app
objects being distributed to your session (see the file copy process and
also the web site will be opened with msie). Let this session open, but
close the msie that had been opened by NAL.

-went to another PC, open up there also a citrix session, using the same
Citrix desktop Object. Now you will get a second login process on the same
citrix server with the same user credentials. While login happens have a
look on your first PC. Maybe you have to logout and login again on the
second PC, because it doesnt happen always (but most times). You will see
the applications being distributed not or not only on the second PC, they
will be distributed also on the first PC. Yes, right, when logging on the
second PC I will get the webapp and also the filecopy app distributed in my
first session!

Very strange, it seems to be that naldesk isnt absolutely citrix compatible,
means session handling isnt ok on terminal server.

Than I tried to start this app objekt from within the application launcher
window. Even how often I tried, I never get the app distributed in the
first PC when starting it on the second.

So maybe this problem exists only in naldesk?

Anyone who know about this problem? Maybe I shouldnt load naldesk in login
script? But if so, how can I force apps to run at login time?

best regards,