I don't have a question as much as I have a statement. I just want to verify that I read everything correctly.

First, the background:

We have a root server called zen01. Several leaf servers have Zen installed with roll-up policies that point directly to the root server. All Zen servers are running 4.01 with IR6 on NW6SP5. Our XP workstations have either the or ZEN Agent installed (for workstation import/export and application deployment purposes). Everything works well. However, we now want to upgrade to V7.

In order to move to ZEN7 and because NW6 is end-of-life, we created a new box called zen02 that has NW65SP5 installed. If I understand everything correctly:

1 - we could install ZEN7 on the new server, zen02, and retire the old zen01 server. (we literally could rem-out the zen load scripts on the zen01 server and/or just remove the server from the tree)
2 - the 4.01 roll-up policies (on the leaf servers) would still work with the new ZEN7 server.
3 - the workstation ZEN agents would still work with the ZEN7 server (workstation import/export and application deployment purposes)
4 - the old 4.01 Container, Server and Service Location objects would still be valid and work with the ZEN7 server (IE, I would not have to delete/recreate the objects)
5 - I understand that workstation inventory data would be lost. However, it would be repopulated when the workstation scans ran on their next scheduled execution.
6 - We do not use workstation imaging.

Those are our major concerns. Are the above statements correct? Is there something that I am missing that might be a big Gotcha?

thanks in advance for any help,

Frank E. Friedman
Ohio Industrial Commission