I just installed Zen Middle Tier server 7 sp1 on a NW6.5.4 server. I was
following the instructions on Novell's documentation on how to install
and after I was done installing, it tells me to:

"Verify that the ZENworks Middle Tier Server is installed and running by
entering one of the following URLs at a browser on the workstation:

* http://Middle_Tier_Server_DNS_or_IP/oneNet/xtier-stats
* http://Middle_Tier_Server_IP_address/oneNet/zen

If the ZENworks Middle Tier Server is running, the first URL opens a Web
page where server statistics are displayed. You should be able to see
where the request count increases by clicking the Refresh button on your

If you are not authenticated, the second URL launches a dialog box that
prompts for user credentials. If you are authenticated, the URL launches
a Web page where a message is displayed stating that XZEN (the Xtier
module in the Middle Tier Server) is running."

I tried the first one, and I get:

Error loading stylesheet: Parsing an XSLT stylesheet failed.

On my browser. Yellow background, and a box around that text. I tried
the second one, and I see "Novell XZen XZEN running in the middle tier"
along with all the html tags for it.

Any ideas? Could it be because the main Zen for Desktop server/agents
aren't upgraded to SP1 yet? It doesn't seem it would be that, as it
seems like it's an Apache parse error...

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanx. :)