Currently we're using ZEN4.01 and our workstations are imported in the
organizational unit WS. We are planning to upgrade to ZEN7 and after
reading some topics in this forum, I'm seriously thinking on installing
ZEN7 on another server instead of upgrading the current server. My question is:

When I set up Workstation Inventory on the new ZEN7 server, do I have to
create a new organizational unit for the WS's who will be using the new ZfD
7 Management agent, so I can still use the already existing organizational
unit for the WS's still running the 4.01 ZfD Agent? Then, after some time,
the existing OU will not be used anymore, which I prefer because it
contains old data (I created a workstation removal policy but it's not

Is this possible? Or should I first delete the contents of the existing OU?