Looking for knowledge regarding ZEN 7 sp1 upgrades.

Trying to plan the ZEN 7 upgrade to ZEN 7 SP1 to allow for the use of
eDir 8.8. Have limited resources and timeframes so want to ensure we get
the bases covered.

Using ZEN Destop Managment and ZEN Server Management and Windows Desktop
Managment Agents. Netware 6.5 sp3 (soon to be sp5), Windows workstations
with Novell Clients and 'no' XTier servers.

What dependancies are there between ZEN 7 SP1 components and eDir 8.8? Is
it necessary to upgrade the server components, desktop agents or both?
Will the ZEN 7 agents work with ZEN 7sp1 server components and if so will
they work with eDir 8.8? What absolutly needs to be upgraded prior to
eDir 8.8?

Todd Weast