Gday, Our Current setup is Zen 2/3, Some Novell 5.1 (Sp8) servers, some
Windows 2000 & 2003 Servers running NDS. We have about 1000 users and
300 applications ITs a very intense outfit. We do most of our Admin
under AD and our File and Print now lives on a Windows 2003 Server. We
use Citrix and lots of web servers.

We need to upgrade Zen 2/3 to ZEN 7 SP1, but there are some catches.
We want to do Zen WITHOUT NDS. I have read you can do this, with an
LDAP server (AD SERVER ?) Can this really be done ? Basically, we
want to install ZEN into our AD tree. What I have read on this is
confusing and inconsistent. Whats the story ?

Before you get too upset, I know that Zen without NDS may be a dog
without a leg, but its not my idea