On July 21 Derek Nicol opened a discussion on how to backup the
ZenInventory database. In the replies the documentation on the official
Novell site was mentioned. However, after reading this I am still unable to
make an unattended backup of our ZEN7 SP1 Inventory database. I also
noticed the documentation is not entirely correct. After backing up the
database manually using ConsoleOne I noticed the logfile is called
BackupST.txt and NOT bacstatus.txt as mentioned in the official documentation!
So, can anyone who has actually made an unattented backup of the Zen7 SP1
Inventory database tell me how this can be done?! We are using a standalone
Is it also possible just to shut down Sybase for the night and starting it
up again in the morning using the cron? We used this in our Zen4.01
environment to backup the database and it worked like a charm.