Currently we have two identical NW6.5 sp3 boxes running ZFD6.5.2.

These servers are not a replica holders, simply "member" (if I may borrow
that term) servers.

The server we rely on the most is configured as:
--Middle Tier Server (we don't use Client32, only the ZFD 6.5.2
--Standalone Inventory DB server (with default Sybase db)
--WS Import
--WS Removal (this never really worked too well)
--ZW Imaging loaded (but rarely used as the other ZFD 6.5.2 server
exclusively for imaging)

Other than the "Cache memory allocator is out of availble memory" every few
weeks, this server has been highly reliable.

I'm looking at upgrading it, in place, from it's current setup to ZFD7sp1.
Will I need to install first, then install sp1?

Are there any "gotchas" to an in-place upgrade with all these components
running on the same server? Java versions, etc?

Any input it appreciated,
Mike M