The zenworks desktop management agent is installed on these Windows XP
laptops solely for the purpose of imaging. No NetWare client installed.
(We also have the ZDM agent installed on other computers in our office--
not only for imaging purposes.) In ConsoleOne, under the ZDM Agent
policy, I have included a Middle Tier Address and the Workstation Manager
settings has the Display ZENworks authentication dialog unchecked.

When these laptops are plugged into our network (same subnet) and booted
up, only the Windows login screen displays. However, if we plug a laptop
into a different subnet that is outside our firewall, the zenworks
authentication dialog shows up. I checked the registry setting for
NWGINA and passive mode is set to 1. My guess is that the authentication
dialog pops up because the laptop cannot find the middle tier server. If
I leave the authentication dialog screen up without cancelling,
eventually it disappears and the Windows desktop appears. If I put in
the name and password in the authentication dialog screen, it says that
the system cannot log you into the network.

Is there a way that I can prevent the zenworks authentication dialog from
showing up?