I have Zen 7 with the sp1 overlay. Console one version is 1.3.6e.
I am trying to push out the Management Agent by using the snapins and
accessing Tools, ZENworks Utilities, Install Agents.

I have browsed to the MSI, completed the configuration of what I want
installed, and entered the IP address range and administrator name and
password. I know this information is correct on all 24 PCs.

When I click on Deploy Agent, the results screen comes up and lists
"Failed - unable to map $Admin share drive" on 23 of them. The 24th
worked. All of these PCs were imaged from the SAME image. Yet one worked
and 23 failed. Our infrastructure consists of Cisco switches which
were installed about 6 months ago. My laptop is on the same subnet as
the workstations I'm trying to push to.

What am I missing here?