I am encountering an error while trying to upgrade one of the Zen servers
in our tree. The first of our three server upgrades went just fine. I am
attempting to install the Zen upgrade on our second server. The install
gets what seems to be about 99% of the way through, and then it reports
an error. The log files say:

Pre-install steps completed successfully
ZdmReg NOT successfully installed on SERVERNAME at E:
AppMgmt\public Components NOT successfully installed on SERVERNAME at E:
Error: There was an error installing ZENworks Desktop Management on
SERVERNAME. Error: An error occured during file copy or configuration.
See above for more details and be sure that no ZENworks Desktop
Management files are open or locked.

When I attempted to view the versions of the software installed to see
where I was at, the server appears to report all old versions. If I PXE
boot a workstation, however, it reports that the Zenworks Imaging is
7.0.1.a or something like that...

Any ideas?