Going from zen 3.2sp3 to ZFD7 SP1.. users are power users. Setup an
MSI application with a custom MST to do an automated install, with a
prompt to reboot at the end. Forced it out as a Nal app, Force Run,
Run Once. (also have a script to detect if the ZFD7 agent is installed
to prevent zen 3.2 NALEXPLD from loading) Did extensive testing in lab
and pilot project. Used identical worksation images to what was
deployed company wide. Had a few minor tweaks but otherwise Nailed it
down solid. Perfect every time.

Took it to the real world and every single one bombed. It would go
through several passes of the progress bar, then it would abort with an
MSI Error 1641 and Windows Explorer would crash and then the
workstation would shut down and reboot. After it came back up, the ZFD
7 agent WAS in fact installed, but the Agent install would launch
again, go through a very short process, then prompt for reboot (like I
would have expected the first time)..

Other than the crash mid-deployment, it seems to end up on the
workstation okay. Policies work, applications work, Remote stuff
works.. But having it crash in the middle is frustrating.

Any ideas on where to look, or is there a better way to deploy this to
Power users?