I have just upgraded to ZDM7Sp1 (from 4.01) to a new server. I chose to install the NAL Database but not Inventory since we will use Asset Management for this. I believe I have everything setup according to the documentation for this to work, but cannot get the applications to report to the database.

The install created the Desktop Management Database object. I filled in the odbc driver information, including connection parameters.

Then I created the Service Location Package, enabled the ZENworks Database policy, pointed it to the correct DB and associated it to the o object in the tree.

I have then enabled Reporting for one of the application under Common, Reporting, but nothing ever shows up in the database (Running reporting from C1). I have been able to get my client PC to authenticate to the db with OpenOffice, but it shows the db empty as well.

I attempted to enable debugging through naldiag, but I never see any events regarding database logging in the zfdnal.csv file.

Please advise what I may have missed that is preventing the applications from reporting to the database or how I can ensure debug logging is enabled properly.

Thanks in advance!

Michael Roberts, MCNE, MCSE, CCA
Director of Network Services
Consolidated Health Systems
Highlands Regional Medical Center