I have a particular set of requirements for ZfD with WinXP - and after a
lot of fiddling I am not sure if it is possible. Despite the requirement
appearing 'simple'.

I have a school and want DLU for staff on all PC's - ie staff can go to
any pc and log in and have the account removed at logout.

The exception wanted is their 'home' PC which should retain their account
ie for things like desktop and IE favourites. This means that the existing
account is not deleted at logout.

The DLU page is misleading as 'Manage existing user account' as the manual
says it really means 'convert the accout to temporary and delete on
logout'. What I want is - if there is an account leave it there and use
the current eDir password, plus do not delete at exit BUT only on the home
PC where a Windows account has been created. Elsewhere DLU create/delete
is required...

On the DLU page I have 'Enable Dynamic Local User' on. Use Edir
credentials' on. 'Volatile user' on. I recently turned 'Manage existing
user account' off but I do not like the results.

Not using 'Manage existing user account' means accounts seem to be left on
the PC. Then an issue is when the pc has not been used for a time the
WinXP password is not in sync with eDir and causes login issues.

Attempts to tie the account retention to the workstation policy by longer
time to delete [volatile user cache] seem not to assist.

There is something I tried [forget the kosker name, mobile user??] that
loads user account data for each login, but that means lots of user
account storage on the server plus extended time to load and I really do
not want that delay. Not sure if it solves my problem though..

I am on ZfD 7.01.

Advice greatly appreciated..