I have setup a transform file using Admin Studio 7.5 that comes with Zen
7.01 to deploy the ZFD 7.01 Agent. I have created an application object
using the 'an application that has an msi file' option and selected the
relevant .msi and .mst files. When I run the application I am expecting
it to run through without any user intervention until it gets to the
reboot prompt. However it stops at all the prompts, but with the correct
options selected from the .mst file. How do I get this to run through
without user intervention? The Run Option is set to 'Install only'. It
is set to to run 'Normal' in Run Options, Environment. If I change this
to hidden I only get 2 prompts, a Next prompt and a Finished prompt before
the reboot prompt. Executble Security level is also set to Normal which I
beleive to be correct.

How can I get this to run through without any user intervention?