Getting ready to install Zen7 in our enterprise. Have read
documentation on using a separate Zen tree but not sure that's a good
or often-used option. For now, I, just need to get this installed and
operating asap. Our tree is still using classic "network OS" layout
with one O and below that an OU for each site, then each site
subdivided below that. I know some have opted to do their entire Zen
setup in a separate OU directly off the O, I'm wondering about setting
up a separate "O" and duplicating our existing site OU structure below
that. This is an education setting and we have a lot of machines that
get relocated in lab-size batches from one site to another, and very
different software needs at each site. Also, we would like to be able
to turn over Zen management to a subset of our technical staff.
Looking at roughly 3500 workstations in the tree Suggestions??