Hello everybody.

This is my first experience with Z4D version 7 so I apologize if this has
already been discussed.

I installed Z4D version 7 (no SP1) on a Windows 2003 server running
active directory; on the same lan I have a Windows XP (SP1) system, a
Windows 2000 (SP4) and a Windows 98 one.

When I run snapshot on the W2003 server (locally) everything works fine;
the same goes when I log into Windows 98 as a domain user and try by
executing snapshot.exe from the SYS shared drive on the W2003 server.

When I try to execute it from either Windows XP/2000 (both from the share
but also after copying the whole snapshot folder to a local one) I get:

Exception Exception in module snapshot.exe at 0003B42F
Unable to write to snpstat.ini

Mind you I logged into XP/2000 as a regular AD user (non admin). If I log
into the XP/2000 workstation as Administrator and try to run it (both
locally or from the remote share) it works just fine.

From what I gathered, when snapshot.exe is run as Administrator the above
snpstat.ini gets created under C:\WINNT (or whatever Windows gets
installed to).

I've alredy waded throught the newsgroup, google and Novell's support
site; I noticed a couple of questions but little or no replies.

Perhaps I'm asking a silly question but is snapshot.exe expected to be
run as an administrator user?


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