I have a question regarding our setup here and a proposed upgrade to

Currently ZEN 3.2sp2. NW5.1sp7. eDir 8.6.2. Doing nothing more than
Application delivery via App Launcher and a few force pushed ZEN apps.

I have built a NW6.5sp5 server, same tree and plan to install ZEN7 and
all agents to this server.

I want to do this along side our current ZEN3.2 and migrate people away
gradually to the new ZEN7 server for app delivery, workstation import,
imaging etc...

Are there any issues in running the two side-by-side in the same tree?

How do my clients know which ZEN server they are connecting to? Is it
controlled via ZEN agents installed on workstation, right version right ZEN?

Will the schema extension and install in the same tree make my existing
3.2 apps unmanageable in C1?

Is this the best way to approach? Any suggestions? I would prefer not to
upgrade the existing.