We have a number of PCs that do not have the Novell client installed, but instead connect to our ZenWorks 7.01 Middle Tier server over our WAN. The Zen clients are also version 7.01. The problem is the PCs use a common user ID (an ID called "User") to log into Windows each morning. The password for that local Windows ID is set by the user and is different on each PC. Currently when the user logs into windows they also get a middle tier login prompt. If I create an NDS user account called "User" and set the password to be the same as one of the PCs then that user does not get a prompt. The rest of the PCs still of course get the login prompt since their local Windows password doesn't match this NDS user account.

1. Is there anyway to turn off this Zen user login prompt? I am able to associate jobs to the workstation and deliver and install software w/o problems. We really don't associate any jobs or polices to users (only to workstations).
2. If I can't turn off the user login prompt, is there a way to force login using another account other than the user currently logged into Windows?

Thanks for your help!