I have trouble with an update of the ZenAgent to ZDM 7.0.1 Agent on
Windows 2000 and Windows XP Workstations.
The WS have Novell Client 4.91 SP 2 installed and using the complete Agent
Functionality. If I try to do an Update with
'msiexec.exe TRANSFORMS="Z:\Public\Zenworks\Agent\zfdagent.mst" /i
"Z:\Public\Zenworks\Agent\zfdagent.mst" the Setup is running, but after a
restart, the Workstation can not log in. I've build the MST File with
ZenWorks Software Packaging ( iTuner ). I've installed with the
REINSTALLMODE vamus and/or vemus. But nothing of these settings is working.

Any ideas?


Christian Mies
GNE IT Solution GmbH

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