Hello everybody.

First time with ZenWorks so please be patient.

I installed ZenWorks7 Suite (no SP1) on a Windows2003 (no SP applied) and
I'm trying (as a test) to use snapshot to distribute the Microsoft RDP
Client to some remote desktops (namely, WinXP, Win2000, Win98).

By using snapshot I've been able to create an application object which
makes use of the .ATX file; then, using C1, I was able to "deploy" the
package to the above workstations.

The folder which contains the above snapsnot created files is shared on
the Win2003 server and publicy available.

When the user on one of the above workstations tries to install the
application, a progress bar is depicted for a few instants (and this is
expected) but the process fails with the following error:

Could not configure workstation for applications (id=2)
Unable to copy file [\\<ip>\snapshot\rdp_client\1.fil] (D018)

I've checked that, on the workstation, I'm able to access the above file
and copy it everywhere on the local HD; also, I'm able to manually copy
the entire content of the above share to the local workstation.

On the local workstation I'm logged in as a regular (non Administrator) user.

Please feel free to ask for more information if you need it.

Roberto Zini - r.zini<@AT@>strhold.it
"Has anybody around here seen an aircraft carrier?"
(Pete "Maverick" Mitchell - Top Gun)