Hello everybody.

ZenWorks for Desktops 7 (no SP1 yet) installed on a Windows 2003 AD.

I'm logged into the server as Administrator of the domain and I'm
operating at the console.

When I double click the AgentDistributor application, I get:

The RCP server is unavailable

I've already checked:

. the name/IP of the server is correct
. the Active Directory already contains the workstations
which are part of it (presently, W2000+SP4,XP+SP1,W98SE)
. the W2003 server name/IP is correctly recognized and
accessible by the workstations
. the RCP services are operating on the servers
. the W2003 is acting as a DNS server (which the workstations
use for name resolution)
. the print spooler service is started

The same goes when I try to execute the binary from one of the above
mentioned workstation (either when operating as a regular and
administative user).

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